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  • Personal protection
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    Personal security, in my opinion - is a comprehensive system of actions and decisions. The list of accepted me as a personal guard, measures is: 1. Security checks of routes; 2. Constant checking of the protection of places of the constant presence of a protected person; 3. Protection of the client; 4. Support with the movements of the protected person; 5. Surveillance around the places of permanent residence for furnishing; 6. Check the seats single client visit of a security; 7. Blocking and identifying areas that are suitable for the preparation of the assassination.
  • Cargo security
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    Any commercial activity is not conceived of in our time without the use of transport. Passengers and cargoes during the movement of most danger, therefore the market of security business today appeared escort service of cargo. I have extensive experience with this kind of protection and readiness to perform this service, so if You need protection and support of cargoes, obrashaites to me by phones specified on the website.
  • Panel protection
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    Take advantage of my services panel ohranyi provide for themselves and their employees very best in comfort and calm for a fruitful work. Your material possessions will be saved, and saved, and the management and staff - in security.
  • Protection of real estate
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    Protection of the real estate consists of several areas: Security of industrial enterprises; Protection of the enterprises of trade; Protection of construction; Protection of cottage settlements; Protection of the residential sector. I offer security services of real estate in any directions. I guarantee reliable protection from attacks and full security.